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Running a marathon is a big feat; whether it be finally crossing the finish line, wearing the medal, or simply the experience of travelling to a new city. I’ve seen many cases where capturing those memories has been neglected, or the thought replaced by a stronger focus on the race ahead.

I’ve recently connected with a company called Travelshoot; which links travelers with local trusted photographers. Travelshoot has three packages; a 1, 2 or 4-hour experience which includes the high resolution digital images at no hidden costs.

The company is unique in the way that the photographer has local knowledge and knows where to go for the best shots- something that we may be lacking in, especially when we are often on the move. Travelshoot also delivers samples of the shoot within 48 hours, and the full album is available within a week.

Travelshoot is personal; you are paired with a photographer which you speak directly with to discuss your needs and the kind of photos you are after.

You are able to view samples of the photographers work as well as their profile. Once Travelshoot have arranged the specifics and itinerary with you, all you need to do is show up in the right place at the right time!

I see it as a great opportunity fo unners to get some high resolution images in the city travelled to; whether it involves running, friends made along the way or famous sights.

To book your Travelshoot in time for your next marathon, click on this link to go to our partner page on their website.

We will also be incorporating some Travelshoot photo opportunities into your favrourite marathon itineraries.