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The Great World Race

The Great World Race will start at Novo, Antarctica on 6th February with subsequent marathons in Cape Town, Perth, Istanbul, Cartagena and Miami. In a unique aspect to the event, Istanbul hosts both the Asian and European legs of The Great World Race: After the Asian race, participants travel to Europe by foot over the Bosphorus Bridge, the dividing line between the continents. 

The registration for The Great World Race includes travel by charter plane and also covers trip cancellation and medical insurance for the adventure. So don’t worry about unexpected circumstances forcing you to cancel your participation, you’re covered. 

Sign up today and join the Global Marathon Club ™ by completing a marathon on all 7 continents in 7 days. We look forward to bringing you on a trip of a lifetime

  • Run 7 Marathons, on 7 Continents, over a 7 day period
  • Trip cancellation and Medical Insurance included
  • Scheduled to begin in Antarctica on 15 November 2024
  • Marathons will be held in:  Wolf's Fang(Antarctica), Cape Town (Africa), Perth (Australia), Istanbul (Asia), Istanbul (Europe, Cartagena (South America) and Miami (North America)
  • Business Class charter flights, apart from return flight to Antarctica 
  • Runners with the fastest average marathon time over the 7 marathons are the winners, both male and female
  • Team competition in men’s and women’s
  • All finishers of The Great World Race will become members of the Global Marathon Club
  • Option to run the Half Marathon


2024 Itinerary for the Great World Race

12 November:    Arrive Cape Town

13 November:    Race Director Briefing

14 November:    Pre departure preparations for Antarctica

15 November:    Wolf's Fang (Antarctica)

16 November:    Cape Town (Africa)

17 November:    Perth (Australia)

18 November:    Istanbul (Asia)

19 November:   Istanbul (Europe)

20 November:   Cartagena (South America)

21 November:   Miami (North America)


2024 The Great World Race Prices

The Great World Race entry fee per person is EUR 45K, which can be paid in three instalments of EUR 15k. The first instalment secures your place in the event, contingent on timely payment of the outstanding amounts. The second instalment is due by 31st August 2023 while the third instalment is due by 30th November 2023. All payments are by bank wire transfer. Bank payment instructions will be provided after submission of the application form.


  • Round trip flights by from Cape Town to Antarctica to compete in the first marathon
  • Business charter flights from Cape Town to Perth to Istanbul to Cartagena to Miami to complete the remaining six marathons
  • Meals and drinks on charter flights
  • Trip cancellation insurance that reimburses your costs/entry fee if you need to cancel for unexpected reasons, such as illness
  • Medical insurance for the entire trip, including emergency evacuation cover
  • All logistical costs such as transport to and from airports as well as shower and changing facilities at each location
  • Overnight accommodation in Istanbul where both the Asian and European marathons races are held on consecutive days
  • Entry to each of the seven marathons, which includes aid stations, medical support, and official timing as per any regular stand-alone marathon
  • Professional photos of each marathon race for personal use, including social media posts and local media
  • Medals for completing each of the marathons and an overall Great World Race medal upon successful completion of all 7 races
  • A digital certificate of completion of The Great World Race for successful participants
  • Branded t-shirts, singlets, bandanas, gymsacs and other Great World Race merchandise
  • Inclusion in the Global Marathon Club, which gives special recognition to athletes who complete marathons or half marathons on all 7 continents over a 7-day period


  • Flights & travel costs from your home to Cape Town to begin the Challenge
  • Hotel costs in Cape Town before the flight to Antarctica to begin the Challenge
  • Flights & travel costs from Miami to your home at the conclusion of the Challenge
  • Meals/drinks outside of charter flights


Your entry fee includes trip cancellation insurance and medical insurance cover for the trip. If you have to cancel your participation in The Great World Race 2024 for a legitimate reason covered by the policy (e.g. illness), you will be reimbursed. If a participant withdraws because they have decided not to take part (i.e. for reasons not covered by insurance) the financial burden/responsibility is their own. Upon submission of this application form and your entry fee, your passport details will be obtained from event organisers and your personal insurance policy will be sent directly to you.


The marathons are operated in accordance with the accepted rules of road running.

Individual results are posted for each marathon race in men’s and women’s categories.

The man and woman with the fastest average marathon time over all 7 races will be declared the winners of The Great World Race.

There will be a team competition in men’s and women’s categories in The Great World Race. The team with the fastest average marathon time for its top three finishers will be declared the winner in each category.

Athletes on a team are automatically included in the individual competition.

There is a time limit of 8 hours to complete each marathon.

The time limit for each marathon may be changed at the discretion of the Event Director in accordance with overall logistical time pressures or lack thereof. The goal is to have everybody finish!

There is a half marathon option of 21.1 km for those who prefer the shorter distance.

An athlete can be pulled from a race on medical grounds and must obey the instructions of medical personnel.

The Event Director’s decisions are final.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here, on The Great World Race website. 

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