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Mozart 100, Salzburg Running Festival

The Mozart 100 not only offers a great deal for experienced ultra runners but also for everyone who wants to experience the beauty of the Sound of Music scenery. For those who want a more leisurely run, there’s also the Mozart Marathon, the Mozart LIght and the Mozart Half Marathon. The Mozart City Trail takes you on a scenice run through the streets of Salzburg. 

Click on the image below to watch a brief video with some of the most stunning scenery in Europe! Then try to resist.....    


Mozart 100

Ultra-trail with a length of 110 kilometres and 5.000 meters of positive elevation in one loop from the City of, Fuschl to St. Gilgen. over the Schafberg mountain, the Zwölferhorn mountain, the Lake Fuschl and back to the city of Salzburg. 

Mozart Ultra 

Ultra-trail with a length of 61 kilometres and 2.000 meters of positive elevation in one loop between Salzburg and the Lake Fuschl.

Mozart Marathon 

Marathon trail with a length of 42 kilometres and 1.600 meters of positive elevation from Winkl/St. Gilgen along the Lake Fuschl to the City of Salzburg. . 

Mozart Light

Panorama trail with a length of 31 kilometres and 1.100 meters of positive elevation from Fuschl am See to the City of Salzburg.

Mozart Half Marathon

Panorama trail with a length of 21 kilometres and 800 meters of positive elevation from Koppl to the City of Salzburg.

Mozart City Trail

A beautiful course over 9 km and 280 meters of positive elevation through the City of Salzburg 

Relay Teams

4-member teams for the distances mozart 100 and Mozart Ultra.

Start Time

Mozart 100              4:00am 
Mozart Ultra            7:00am
Mozart Marathon    9:00am
Mozart City Trail    10:00am
Mozart Light          10:00am
Mozart Half Marathon 11:00am

Time Limit

For the Mozart 100, the following cut off times apply:

Fuschl, km 30.5          9:00am - 5 hours
Winkl, km 46.5            1:00pm - 9 hours
Furberg, km 60           3:30pm, 11.5 hours
Fuschl, km 78             7:00pm - 15 hours
Hof, km 89                  9:00pm - 17 hours
Koppl, km 99             11:00pm - 19 hours
Finish, km 110            2:00am - 22 hours   

The Course

The start and finish area of the Mozart 100, the Mozart Ultra and the Mozart City Trail is on Kapitelplatz Square which has proven itself as a great starting and finishing area in the city. This spacious but beautifully square, embedded between Salzburg Cathedral and Hohensalzburg Fortress, creates a wonderful ambience.

The start of the Mozart Marathon is in Winkl St, Gilgen. The start of the Mozart Light is in Fuschl am See. The start of the Mozart Half Marathon is in Koppl.

Aid Stations

The organiser provides for sufficient supply points distributed across the entire course. After the competition, be handed over by your own attendants at the designated supply points. Handing over is not permitted at any other places along the track. 

Age Limit

All women and men born in 2004 or earlier are eligible for participation. For the mozart City Trail only, women and men born in 2009 or earlier are eligible for participation. A declaration of liability has to be signed by the parents from participants born in 2004 or younger.


In all competitions, times are registered exclusively by the timing system via RFID-tag. The RFID-tag is fixed on the backside of the starting number. There is no rental fee for the RFID-tag. Own timing equipment is not allowed. The RFID-tag has to be worn during the competition in line with the organiser’s instructions.

FuschsLooking to run the Mozart 100 in 2019?

The itinerary is yours to enjoy – we’ll provide you with your 3 Night Marathon Weekend Package but the rest is up to you.

My recommendation? Grab a car and enjoy the magnificent scenery this area has to offer. There are many local tours you can do and there is no end to the stupendous views you’ll see. RunFun Travel can recommend places of interest and driving tours you might be interest in.

From Salzburg it’s you can pop into Germany and drive the Romantic Road; take a day trip to Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain; or immerse yourself in the history and culture of Salzburg and visit Mozart’s birthplace, the Hohensalzburg Fortress. And for those who just love a bit of the movies, you can take the Sound of Music Tour and see where the hills really area alive.

2019 Entry and Accommodation Packages 

RunFun Travel as 4d/3n Weekend Package and either of our two accommodation options and incluive of Entry to the Mozart 100 (or associated event).


  • Accommodation to suit your preferred travel dates (3nts min)
  • Entry to the Mozart Marathon (event of your choosing)
  • Personalised bib number, including timing tag
  • Race Guide
  • Starter Pack with small Gifts
  • Race Briefing
  • Clothing depot at the start/finish
  • Drop Bags for the Mozart 100 (at km 30/78)
  • Bus shuttle service for relays and to the start of the Marthon, Half Marathon and Light
  • Refreshment stations approx all 10km points with drinks, food, bars and gels
  • Drinks and food at the finish line
  • Massage service next to the finish line
  • Finisher medal
  • Downloadable certificate
  • Medical services
  • Online results
  • Photo service


Salzburg and the surrounding Alps region is home to some of the most picturesque scenery in the world. Here are just a few options available to enhance your stay. We have many more options and you can contact us here for further details.

Additional Sights to Add to your Stay

  • Sound of Music Tour
  • Mozart Concert and Dinner at Stiftskeller in Salzburg
  • Austrian Lakes and Mountains Salzburg Sightseeing Tour
  • Bavarian Mountains and Obersalzberg Tour
  • City Tour with Coffee and Cake

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