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COVID-19 Travel Test

COVID-19 Travel Test

Before you travel internationally you will need to undergo a pre-departure PCR test, in line with your airline travel policy and that of the country you are travelling to. 

We have partnered with Australian Clinical Labs (ACL) who provide a Travel Testing Portal where you can quickly and simply book a PCR test and received a $10 discount when using the link below.

When booking your test, use the discount code HW10OFF in the review order screen to obtain your $10 discount. This offer is available only when you use the link below to make your booking. 

Find an ACL testing centre near you. 

When you book your test, you will be asked to select your testing collection centre. ACL have a comprehensive coverage across the country and you can find their testing centres and drop off locations here.  

Once you have identified the most convenient Collection Centre, remember to return to this page to make your booking

Additional instructions will be included in the email confirmation once the booking has been confirmed. 

Four Simple Steps

  1. Purchase your COVID-19 Travel Test via the online portal
  2. Receive your order confirmation and Travel Test ReferralForm via email
  3. Visit one of the Clinical Labs dedicated Travel Collection Centres to perform COVID-19 testing
  4. Receive a secure email of your COVID-19 Travel Test Result Certificate