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Singapore Night

Singapore - the city that just keeps giving!

Written on: May 30, 2012

The Singapore Gardens have been under construction for seven years and we have been watching the development during our frequent trips to Singapore. After the official opening on June 29, the public can now access the magnificent and varied garden complex that has been created, having been teased from a distance for some time now.

I love Singapore for the sheer exuberance they show with their development; places where we used to enjoy local café food seemingly only a few years ago are now resident to the Marina Bay Sands complex and the Gardens by the Bay. Surely it was only a few years ago! One of my favourite structures is the Marina Bay complex and I liken it to a building with the QEII perched on top. Spectacular of a night time.

This is just the first phase of The Gardens by the Bay project, with luxurious areas such as Flower Dome, Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest and the World of Plants. The majestic, steel Supertrees range from 25 to 50 metres high are extraordinary designed, vertical gardens with large canopies, providing shade in the day before they come to life at night, lighting up the night skies. The Cloud Forest, as the name suggests, shrouds the plants in mist, while the Flower Dome is a place of everlasting spring.

I can’t wait to get back to Singapore and experience the Gardens for myself. Stay tuned!

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