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Escape from the Jungle

Welcome to Jungle Marathon and the brand new adventure, Escape from the Jungle. Offering a new challenge and the opportunity to combine skill, sport and eco tourism in a new survival race. Imagine being dropped in a remote part of the jungle and having to use your survival skills to get you to the finish line. Finding your food, procuring water, building shelter, navigating and running through dense jungle, crossing rivers, through caves, swamps and villages, encountering all the obstacles that nature can throw at you along the way. 


You will received 6 days of intensive jungle survival training, conducted by special forces instructors. You will be dropped into the deep jungle in the dark, with a map, compass and compuslory kit and will have six days to reach the finish line using your skills, speed and navigation. The distance is 200km. Physical fitness is a requirement as well as strong mental tenacity. 

If you are ready for one of the most extraordinary experiences of your life, sign up today and join in February 2020 in the jungles of Belize, Central America, for the inaugural edition of Escape from the Jungle.


Approximately 200km.

Race Registration and Information

The Terms and Conditions of Entry as well as comprehensive information about the event will be supplied when you register your interest in entering Escape from the Jungle. Please contact RunFun Travel for further information regarding race entry.

2020 Escape From The Jungle

Escape from the Jungle takes place in Belize, between from 24 Feburary to 7 March 2020. 

24 February 2020

Departure to the deep jungle to being your training.

Departure is in the early hours of the morning. It is advisable to arrive in Belize by midnight the night before. Your flights shoudl be booked to Belize City then a commuter flight to Placencia, where you will start your journey to the Jungle.

24-29 February 2020

Jungle survival training. 

29 February 2020

Each runner will spend the night of 29 February alone in the jungle. The instructors will visit and assess each competitor and evaluate your survival skills.

1 March 2020

Race preparation day, kit verification preparation, final medical checks, distribution of race numbers, briefing and distribution of maps. 

Staggered departure for the jungle as darkness falls. Each team will be placed in a different location equidistance from the finish line. 

2-7 March 2020

The race. 

7 March 2020

The finish (location will be provided at the race briefing). Prize giving, party, accommodation.

8 March 2020

Departure for home. 

2020 Escape from the Jungle

The registration fee for  Escape from the Jungle is €5000 for an individual entry and may be paid in instalments. All individual entrants will be teamed up with others at the training course. 

There is a limit of 40 teams to minimise the impact on the environment and to ensure that all competitiors are closely monitored. 


A deposit of €500 (per person) is required to confirm your place in this unfogettable adventure marathon. All prices are quoted in Euros and will be subject to the AUD exchange rate at time of payment. This will be confirmed at the time of booking

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