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Jungle Marathon

Dates and Event Details for the 2018 Event will be Advised Shortly

The Jungle Marathon, the world's wildest eco race, gives competitors the opportunity to combine sport and eco tourism, while experiencing this stunning part of the world.

The Jungle Marathon offers three races: a marathon; a 4 stage 127km race and a 6 stage 254km race. The course, which includes swamps, river crossings, steep climbs and descents, village trails and fluvial beaches, combined with humidity and scorching temperatures makes it a daunting and exciting race, but well within the realms of any competitor who has a strong mental mindset.

Yes, physical fitness is a requirement  but if you don’t have strong mental tenacity to combine with it then you will struggle to reach the finish.

If you are ready for one of the most exciting  and challenging adventures of your life, sign up today and join the Jungle Marathon in October in The Flona Tapajos, near Santarem, Amazonia, Brazil for the12th edition of the legendary Jungle Marathon.

Whether you do 42km, 127km or 254km, you will NEVER forget this adventure.


The race offers three options- either 42km, 127km or 254km. Those choosing the marathon will have three days of acclimatisation before you race. This will include some accompanied hikes and short runs into the jungle. After your marathon there will be some eco- tourism arranged. The runners in the 127km distance will continue to experience the jungle environment until the finish of the 254km race and will then attend the prize giving and race wrap party. Competitors in all distances are required to be self-sufficient from their arrival in Brazil until the finish lunch at the end of the 254km stage.

Arrivals & Departures

You need to fly to the airport of Santarem in the State of Para in Northern Brazil. Then take a taxi to the village of Alter do Chao, which is about 30km from Santarem airport and it is here you will join the river boat that sails to the jungle. Contact RunFun Travel and we can assist with your flight bookings.

The race starts in the area near Santarem and need to be in Santarem by 23.00hrs on the evening of 1 October. This is when the boats depart for the jungle. The boats will be available for boarding from late afternoon from the pier in Alter do Chao. Once on board, you may put up your hammock, relax and soak up the atmosphere as you set off on your adventure. The race will finish on October 11th. There will be an arrivals lunch, followed by transfer to the hotel, and in the evening the prize giving dinner and party. You are free to depart from early in the morning of the 12th October.

Jungle Marathon – An Extreme Race

You need to be fully aware that Jungle Marathon takes place in a remote and potentially dangerous environment. Apart from the dangers of the jungle itself, where you may be exposed to snakes, wild animals and poisonous plants, you are also going to be racing in a hot humid environment. Heat exhaustion, dehydration and problems with salt/electrolyte balance are real dangers. The organisers take safety very seriously and make every effort to minimise risk, but please be aware of the potential hostilities and ensure that you have fully considered these points before you proceed with your entry. The complete “Your Safety” document will be forwarded to you prior to your registration.

Medical & Technical Assistance

Technical and ground assistance is provided by Brazilian and European personnel experienced in ultra events, jungle adventure trekking and survival activities. The medical team has many years’ experience in remote locations. Your safety and well-being is of primary concern and only the most experienced personnel are employed.

The Terms and Conditions of Entry will be supplied when you register your interest in entering the Jungle Marathon. Please contact RunFun Travel for entry information.

2017 Jungle Marathon Itinerary 

The Jungle Marathon takes place in the Flona Tapajos, near Santarem, Brazil, between the 5th and 14th of October 2017.This information relates to all participants of the race.

5 October 2017

Boarding the boats
Runners and support staff assemble in the village of Alter do Chao to catch the riverboats to base camp.
There will be jungle marathon staff in the village square from 20.00 hours to assist you and direct you to the boat when it arrives. The boat will be available for boarding from 21:00 hours.
The boats will depart just before midnight and you are requested to be on the boat by 22:00hrs.

On board
Once you are on board, hang your hammock and relax for our sail to base camp. You are self-sufficient from the moment you board the boat, so ensure that you have enough food for the pre-race days as well as your race food. There will be bottled water available for drinking on the journey and also hot water for you to prepare your food. Depending on the boat that is chartered, there may be soft drinks and snacks available, but please do not plan on this. You can however purchase snacks in Alter do Chao before boarding.

The journey
Journey time is 10-12 hours. The boat will stop once day breaks and drop anchor  by  one of the many stunning fluvial beaches along the Tapajos River. You will have a chance to swim in the crystal clear waters, often accompanied by river dolphins.

6 October 2017

Arrival at base camp.
Late morning arrival.
Ensure that you take all your luggage off the boat as it will leave as soon as the last person disembarks.
At base camp, hang you hammock and get yourself settled. There will be plenty of drinking water and hot water to prepare your food. The local villagers often sell fresh coconut water, exotic fruit juices and local food if you prefer not to eat rations whilst in base camp. This is likely to be freshly caught fish with rice.  Make sure you have local reais with you.
After you have had time to have your lunch we will start the kit checks.
Rather than dismantle your hammocks, the support team will come to you so please spread your compulsory kit on the ground below your hammock so they can check it easily.
Once your kit has been checked, take your medical paperwork to the medical team and then go and collect your race number and road book.
The IT team will open for emails this afternoon, so if any of your supporters or family have emailed you these will be printed out and distributed. You will also have the opportunity to send emails.

7 October 2017

Today will be filled with briefings.

Jungle safety briefing
The bombeiros (military firemen) will talk to you about jungle safety. You will learn what plants to avoid, what creatures you may encounter, what to do if you get lost and you may have the opportunity to handle a snake.

Medical briefing
Themedical director will brief you on the medical aspects of the race and how to avoid our two main issues, dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Foot care
Our foot expert will give you a briefing about foot care, and how to minimize problems.

Final kit preparation
The afternoon will give you time to re-pack you kit and decide what stays behind. You will take your excess luggage to one of our support boats where it with be kept safely for the duration of the race. Make sure all luggage is locked and labelled.

Stage One Briefing
In the early evening the race director will give you a full briefing for stage one and the start time. Get a good night’s sleep.

Marathon runners
Marathon runners will have a separate briefing after the stage 1 briefing. The marathon program will include accompanied hikes, acclimatisation and some eco tourism before the marathon stage.

8 October - Stage 1

9 October - Stage 2

10 October - Stage 3

11 October stage 4 - marathon stage and end of 4 stage race

12 and 13 October -  Long stage

14 October - Final stage

Lunch at the finish line.
Transport to the hotel.
Transport to final party in the evening (depart hotel at 5pm)
Night in hotel.

15 October 

You are free to depart Santarem from early on 15 October.

2017 Jungle Marathon

The registration fee for the Jungle Marathon is £2500 and includes all services for each day of your stay.


  • Overnight boat transfer from Alter do Chao to the jungle base camp.
  • Jungle training at base camp.
  • Accompanied acclimatisation hikes/runs for marathon runners
  • Ecotourism trip including night-fishing for marathon runners
  • Campsite each night for the duration of the race
  • Mineral water for the duration of the race
  • General Ground assistance
  • Technical support throughout the race
  • Medical Assistance
  • Finish lunch
  • Accomodation for one night following the race
  • Finishing dinner and awards party
  • Finishers medal
  • Jungle Marathon t-shirt


Please note that entry fees are fully transferable to a future year but non-refundable.

A deposit of £500 is required to confirm your place in this unfogettable adventure marathon. All prices are quoted in GBP and will be subject to the AUD exchange rate at time of payment. This will be confirmed at the time of booking

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